Who was aaliyah dating before she passed

The actor playing Young Aaliyah is the only one who even remotely studied her character.

It was like a magnifying glass with the sun on me []. I think it's only in death do we recognize a person's true presence."Fans still feel her absence and remember the remarkable career she had at just 22 years old.At least there was one person in the film who looked like a famous musical artist!Lifetime should remember this actor for — their expert opinion should be trusted.Heavily protested by her family and closest friends and collaborators, did teach us some things, though most of those lessons should've been learned by the film's team long before they even began to put together this train-wreck of a biopic. " "Try Again," and "One in a Million" were what made her canon-worthy.2. A film about a famous pop star needs more than just the covers she did of other people's famous songs to survive. The introduction to Aaliyah's hearty repertoire of favorite songs to cover live and on record happens in the first scene, where we're introduced to the actual baby version of Baby Girl (her nickname) as a 10-year-old on performing "My Funny Valentine." It's a taste of what's in store — all the film offers is an Aaliyah Covers 101 course, thanks to an embargo on Aaliyah's original music placed by her family.

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