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In 2015, he will release a stand-up comedy album and a stand-up comedy documentary concert film. Walking from the Harvard Square T station: 10 minutes As you exit the station, cross Mass. The building is shared with Algiers Cafe and Alden & Harlow Restaurant, and the theatre entrance is on the left side of the building—look for the sidewalk poster case and marquee.

Ian Lara is really just a regular guy from Queens, New York.Nominated for an Independent Spirit Award in 2004, Friedlander has adorned himself to audiences with unforgettable roles in shows and films such as Keeping in step with its creator, the book is truly one-of-a-kind, featuring drawings and cartoons done by the comedian himself.A hilarious preview for the book is available on Friedlander’s website here.Now, in this quirky, hilarious, and surprisingly profound collection of drawings, Friedlander shows a new side to his "terrifically entertaining" (New York Times) comedy.Whether imagining George Washington in Las Vegas, plastic surgery for imperfect triangles, and the Keystone Pipeline as a sex act, Friedlander's "Joodles" push boundaries as they explore the absurdities of American life, sex, and even history and human rights.

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In every episode, Friedlander can be seen wearing a different slogan on his trademark hat, which he designs himself.[1] He also appeared in the 2008 comedy film Meet Dave.

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