Updating xps built in driver cache

Works OK in the sense their profit is fine, but if you’re a consumer, you better rely on the specs only and ignore the marketing.

Or you could buy Apple and deal with all the inherent drawbacks but enjoy how it usually just works.

Would be happy to be proven wrong by some company that provides such quality and after sales service.

Yeah, it kinda sucks, but after doing a bunch of research I still end up with a Macbook (Pro) for my next machine.

This just confirmed my belief of the state of choosing a non Apple computer for work.

Even with all the shortcomings and all the fat profit margins, Apple sure does make dependable machines. But, the fact that I can take my Mac into any Apple store and claim warranty easily to get it fixed/replaced without Waiting for weeks in despair makes Apple worthy of getting my money.

The first area lists the C-states of your processor and how often it is in each one.Apple worked around the problem by simply not updating their Mac Book pro line.b. The 4.8 Kernel plus bug fixes, plus new Intel X drivers, plus new GPU firmware is what is required.I've owned a 9550 for about a year now, and it's been a world of pain.We worked with Dell for months, and after we gave them our findings, they released about 5 BIOS updates week after week. I returned my two XPS 9550 because of build issues.The BIOS updates didn't really fix anything though... On my first unit there was "coil whine" on the AC adapter (strange noises coming from the AC adapter when I scrolled in Chrome) and the other unit wouldn't wake up from sleep. I'm currently running the 9550 with ubuntu 16.04 and can confirm #2 on your list. Bumping the brightness up helps a lot, but when on battery and/or late at night that's a terrible compromise. Windows suffered from the same problem, for what it is worth."Suffered" because if you have updated your BIOS Intel has automagically updated their driver, so Windows is good now. Ubuntu 16.10 is a recent thing, but Debian testing was good well before Windows. Intel issuing shitty Skylake GPU drivers for something like 12 months. But Dell released Skylake CPU's before most so they were hit hardest.

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