Updating to 4 01 m33

For example, if the probe fails to deploy, it will abort probing and STOP.

Haplogroup M is a human mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA) haplogroup.

Report or set the nominal filament width, such as 1.75 or 3.00.

This value is used to determine the percentage difference when auto-adjusting flow in response to the measured filament width, and should match the value used for filament width in your slicer settings.

Set the bump sensitivity for the X and Y stepper drivers here.

to restart the “stopped” machine after resolving the issue.

Marlin will call STOP if any error occurs that would make continuing the current process problematic.

A command like However, in the above example, we set a feedrate of 1500 mm/minute on line 1 then do the move described above, accelerating to a feedrate of 3000 mm/minute (if possible). This command tests the probe for accuracy and produces a standard deviation based on two or more probes of the same XY position.

The extrusion will accelerate along with the X and Y movement, so everything stays synchronized. Use this command to set a maximum period of time for the machine to be inactive (with no moves).

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commands add a linear move to the queue to be performed after all previous moves are completed. If no steppers are specified, this command disables all steppers immediately.

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