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Congratulations are in order for Serena Williams, but for more than it seems. The tennis star announced yesterday, via a quickly-vanishing Snapchat, that she is expecting a baby with fiancé Alex Ohanian.We'll pause here for the obligatory slow claps and champagne pops.The tennis star ended up losing that tournament in straight sets (that's tennis speak for a very bad match), and fans immediately accused Drake of distracting her.

But that just proves how different things were this time around.

So that means, if he participated in the workout, the entrepreneur was actually brave enough to work out with a woman whose sheer athletic prowess is so intimidating, the mere thought of doing something athletic around her causes the rest of us to break out in hives.

Being worthy of a Williams sister is not an easy task — they are brilliant, determined, talented, successful, beautiful, and so on and so forth, just superior to the rest of us, blah blah blah — but it appears that Ohanian is obsessed with our heroine to an appropriately high degree, and thereby potentially deserving of her attention (we’ll see).

It was, for lack of a better term, a media circus for the ages.

They were photographed together everywhere they went, from his restaurant opening in Toronto to dates out on the town to front row at her New York Fashion Week show.

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