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(Model, along with Philip Carli and Andrew Simpson, played for every unidentified film shown at Mostly Lost, giving an incomparable boost to often scratchy and, in all honesty, sometimes primitive clips.

Model also distributes rare silent films through his company Undercrank Productions, and was a sponsor of Mostly Lost, providing among other things an ebullient closing-night reception at the vintage State Theatre in Culpeper.) Another attendee working to rescue old films from mere survival in vaults, and to restore some of their raffish vitality, was Alicia Fletcher, a media archivist at the Toronto International Film Festival.

A DCP (Digital Cinema Package) submitted for a recent movie is locked and unplayable, hence a useless object. While the paper prints cannot be, and were never intended to be, projected, they are now the sole remaining copies of many early films, and have been transferred back to film, long after the original film prints vanished.

The fragility of film and the tragic loss of the majority of all silent movies—to fires, decomposition, and deliberate destruction—give surviving artifacts an almost magical aura.

Into the water-filled nitrate trash can they would go: “You can’t turn a hamburger into a cow,” he explained.His virtuosic ability to recognize minor, uncredited silent comedy players becomes a kind of running gag at the workshop; the fabled time he picked out hefty Chaplin costar Henry Bergman from a rear view reverberates in an endless series of in-jokes about his knack for identifying actors from their hindquarters.Most silent film fans are used to feeling like the possessors of arcane secrets, but witnessing the encyclopedic knowledge of Mostly Lost stalwarts like Massa, silent film accompanist and historian Philip Carli, preservationist and producer Serge Bromberg, and historian Robert J.Kiss, one quickly gets to feel like the merest neophyte.But as Rob Stone pointed out in his presentation on the Vim Films Corporation—one of countless fly-by-night companies that led brief but feverishly productive lives during the silent era (this one was based for a time in Florida, and had in its ranks a portly young player named Oliver “Babe” Hardy)—what even silent movie experts know amounts only to fragments of the story.

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