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The participants tend to subjectively add probability of the outcome in decision making, and it is difficult to be described by the theoretical models accurately.The distinction between the two uncertain conditions was first illustrated by the Ellsberg Paradox, which indicates the so-called phenomenon of ambiguity aversion [5] that means the peoples’ preference to bet in risky conditions rather than ambiguous conditions.Risk and ambiguity are two conditions in which the likelihood of outcomes is uncertain [1].But differences are here to stay; in the condition of risk, the probability distribution of possible outcomes is well defined, which can be used to calculate the expectancies of outcomes and compare between choices.

In the auditory condition, children with SLI performed similarly to controls when the memory load was kept low (1-back memory load).

Cognitive mechanism regarded ambiguity as a second-order probability distribution of option [8, 9].

Participants can obtain probability information from former experience.

In both the low (1-back) and high (2-back) memory load conditions, P3b amplitude was significantly lower for the SLI as compared to CA groups.

These data suggest a domain-general working memory deficit in SLI that is manifested across auditory and visual modalities.► We compared behavioral and EEG correlates of auditory and visual memory in SLI.

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