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Basically, anything was fair game as I created this world. He’d barely registered on the scale and had eventually been evaluated at a level two out of six. “Actually, yes, there are two that work here but only one is on the base today. There are only five or six Guides in the entire program that have tested at level six.There was no way he should’ve been able to sense an unbonded Guide in the Mountain. Mc Kay and she rated at level four on the Sentinel scale. Unfortunately, there are only ten Sentinels in the world who have tested at level six and most of them are bonded. ” Mc Kay moved closer and touched John’s face with hesitant fingers. I’ve waited – turned away Sentinel after Sentinel over the years even when the Council questioned my sanity over it. But, you’ve hidden what you are nearly all of yours, and I would have you do nothing that you aren’t comfortable with.” John rubbed his face against the fingers that still trailed on his skin.

Author’s Note: While this is a Sentinel/Stargate: Atlantis crossover – I’ve played fast and loose with pretty much everything from the way a Sentinel/Guide pairing works to the events leading up the Atlantis mission, character ages, etc. Colonel Samantha Carter paused and turned to face the pilot she was giving a tour of Stargate Command. Major John Sheppard had the Ancient gene and was from all reports a low level Sentinel. He’s refused every single candidate ever presented to him for potential bonding.” “Really? “Yes, Guides have always out-numbered Sentinels but Rodney is a unique sort of person and not your typical Guide.He opened his eyes reluctantly and found himself drowning in the bluest eyes he’s ever seen in his life. I was looking for you before Sam even came to get me. Sometimes you were so close to me that I felt like I could reach out and grab you – only I couldn’t see you. They know I would never accept someone unless they were at my level, which is why I’ve never met you. As each layer bled away, he felt the room change around him.John tried to look away, forced himself to look at the Carter and the other people she’d brought with her but his gaze snapped back to those amazing eyes. They’ve never sent a Sentinel beneath a level four to meet me.” “Colonel Carter is around level four. ” “No, when I met her she had already bonded with her Guide. Coffee, deodorant, bath soap, aftershave, and he realized that it was Rodney – his senses were already focusing on his Guide above all other things in the room.The sex will help create the intimacy you need to do this.” “All right.” John swallowed. He’d never dropped his shields completely; at least not since his mother had taught him to make them.“I haven’t been in an unguarded mental state since my gifts started to manifest.” “It’s a big leap of faith,” Sam admitted.

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