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Denny also lusts after Lisa, ultimately confessing to Johnny his attraction.

Johnny slowly begins spiraling into a mental haze and calls upon Peter, his and Mark's psychologist friend.

Lisa, however, having become dissatisfied with her life and Johnny, seduces his best friend Mark and the two begin a secret affair.

As the wedding date approaches and Johnny's influence at his bank slips, Lisa alternates between glorifying and vilifying Johnny to her family and friends, both making false accusations of domestic abuse and defending Johnny against criticisms.

After the party, Johnny locks himself in the bathroom, prompting Lisa to carry out leaving him for Mark.

Johnny finally comes out of the bathroom and retrieves the cassette recorder he attached to the phone and listens to an intimate call between Lisa and Mark.

Outraged, Johnny kicks Lisa out of the apartment, ending their relationship.

According to The Disaster Artist (Greg Sestero's book based on the making of The Room), Wiseau was already independently wealthy at the time production began.Peter alternates between defending Lisa and assessing her as a sociopath, which results in Mark, feeling guilty about his and Lisa's affair, briefly trying to murder him.At a surprise birthday party for Johnny, one of his friends catches Lisa kissing Mark while the rest of the guests are outside and confronts her about the affair.Johnny announces to the guests that he and Lisa are expecting a child, only for Lisa to tell the other guests that she lied about it.At the end of the evening, Lisa flaunts her affair in front of Johnny, who attacks Mark.

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