Linux stats not updating

not only that you really should use NOTO fonts https:// instead of that really ugly opensans crap (really hate them) but also use system wide rendering setup instead of your own fontconfig It should specify neither, but respect the theme's font.

Do you use version from Also you can enable debug logs (type "debugmode" in settings), and then try to auto update and see ~/.One of the best ways to help [email protected] is by recruiting your friends and family. On this page you will find access to statistics for individuals and teams who have joined together to earn points and compete with other teams. The more points your team earns, the closer we come to finding cures.— You are receiving this because you were mentioned.Reply to this email directly or view it on Git Hub #1616 (comment) john-preston, I removed the app from the /opt/ folder, and unpacked the new download on my ~ folder.

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This is an important thing for the official app, so that we can see in statistics clearly, what is official app and what are forks.

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