Learning dating etiquette consolidating credit card debt and credit score

That’s the situation Golda Manuel found herself in when, at 28, she scored a pharmacist position at a health care company in San Francisco.

It’s a common predicament: You nailed what you thought was the perfect gig—but your day-to-day hasn’t lived up to the hype or your lofty expectations.

“I was about to get my [teaching] degree, and I was arrogant,” she says. “I believe there’s value in acknowledging that you were unprepared, and that with the research you’ve done now, you would be grateful for another opportunity.” Doing your homework is just as important when networking.

“I felt like any fool could do the job—and it came off that way in the interview.” Needless to say, she didn’t get the gig. Toronto-based career and leadership coach Kamara Toffolo once confidently approached an exec at a financial services conference to introduce herself.

thing will make you happy—be it a job or a purchase. C., coaching firm Call to Career, emphasizes setting realistic expectations from the get-go for any job—even those purported “dream gigs.” So instead of being bummed that your job isn’t as fast-paced as you’d hoped it would be, for example, look at it from the viewpoint that you can channel that energy toward networking and getting more involved with industry events.

“I encourage clients to find as much job satisfaction as they can while still being realistic,” Palmer says.

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