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Spring-Heeled Jack was said to appear from nowhere to accost young women, spit balls of blue fire, and then escape by using superhuman leaps over walls or onto the roofs of houses.

The first few fictional treatments made Jack a criminal, but (1867) portrayed him as a wronged nobleman who used his costume and powers to rob from the rich and give to the poor.

But his daughter had been passed to another villain.One is Ma Hunkel, who dressed as a man to fight crime as the Red Tornado.This version of Red Tornado was a parody character, and the cross-dressing in her stories was purely for comic effect, as transvestism almost always was during that period.The series was characterized by Hank’s stylish but clunky art and bizarre plots. Fantomah lost out to her more attractive and conventional rivals. The best-known disabled superhero is unquestionably Marvel’s Daredevil, whose Netflix TV series has raised his profile dramatically.Daredevil is blind, but his other senses have become so sharpened that he functions far better than a sighted person. Professor X of the X-Men has paralyzed legs, Jericho of DC’s Teen Titans is mute, Box of Marvel’s Alpha Flight is a multiple amputee, and DC’s Cyborg is one of a large number of superheroes with prosthetic limbs.

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