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; born March 17, 1986) is a Russian-American actress.She is known for co-starring in all of the three films of the High School Musical franchise as Kelsi Nielsen. Olesya dedicated a lot of time to charity where she cleaned up several beaches, spent time with dogs that were without a home, and gave away some dresses for charity.She claimed that she has lost the money through the Agency and that she wants more.

Petersburg while your listed version from "Phil of Switzerland" is in Ekaterinburg.

When I asked her to talk through SKYPE she got mad. Alone during the conversation with me she had contact with Phil, Switzerland, Harry, Germany and Ale, Mexioco.

I am glad I found her at the scammer page even though Its kind of too little too late, but I hope I can help the other before its too late! Telephone calls from her last a maximum of 1 minute. Popular excuses for missing funds for Fl Yhe for them are: - Mistakes in the travel agency - Error during transfer to the travel agency - Error in transferring the documents to the travel agency - disappear the documents on the way to the airport - Frauliche time before the flight and therefore move the flight - Attack and steal the papers and other things 1 day before the flight - no replacement of the flight by the travel agency or insurance company - endless reasons by repeatedly shifting or failing the flight - Moving the flight due to issuing a platinum card from her father for the Travel and use also cheated us! And over a period of several years at the same time !!

She even held a not with my name and date along with her facial photo to prove that she was the one! She even sent me an agreement signed by her and her both parents.

She used to call me for one minute only many times, but she never answered when I called her.

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The money was sent in her mother's name Valentina Koftun.

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