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She replied that it was none of my business what message she took from my work, that once done, it was up to the reader to decide, and out of my hands.People have changed far less than modern man likes to believe.How can we truely know what it was like living many years changes us and our thoughts , views and conclusions. " lol What I find interesting is our interest in the "why" of it all.

To the east of the Manger lies Dragon Hill, a low flat-topped mound. George, England's patron saint, slew the dragon, its blood spilling on the hilltop and leaving forever a bare white patch where no grass can grow. The horse, which can only be viewed from above or from an adjacent plateau in the distance, is unique in its features and this leads some to believe it represents the mythical dragon that St.

We think we have risen above Victorian thinking, but we have not.

Our view of wonders like this is clouded by our belief that we are modern and smart while they are primitive and simple, that's just our ego, they were as smart and complex as we are.

Alternatively, the horse could have been cut by worshippers of the sun god Belinos or Belenus, who was associated with horses.

He was sometimes depicted on horseback, and Bronze and Iron Age sun chariots were shown as being drawn by horses.

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Conceivably, if this suggestion is correct, the horse could have been cut on the shallower slope at the top of the hill in order to be seen from above by the god himself.

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