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Even before elapse of one month from this claim both Reuters News Agency and BBC reported that Russia has placed temporary restrictions on imports of tea and all other agricultural products from Sri Lanka from December...

-Full Story- There are just two categories of speakers who are permitted to address the HRC.

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Bluff Master and myopic Sirisena in another ring of his chain of lies addressing a meeting in Polonnaruwa recently said that President Vladimir Putin of Russia based on the long time relationship with us has promised him to provide anything this country needs and he has just to give a telephone call to him about anything that is required.

Q1 What is asbestos and what are the different types?

Asbestos is a common term describing a variety of naturally occurring silicate minerals.

In the past 30 years, it was claimed on Radio 4's Today programme, 178 teachers have died of asbestos-related diseases - and their numbers are rising all the time.

Then the Russians discover a Khapra Beetle in the tea, an insect that feeds on grain and not on tea. -Full Story- The Eastern Province based Muslim identitarian politics, brought to the fore by M. Currently SLMC is the dominant force in Eastern (Ampara) based Muslim politics along with United People's Freedom Alliance's (UPFA) A. If there is a greater sense of freedom and more reasons to hope that things will get better, such sentiments are offset by clearly evident resistance to such things from the regime itself.-Full Story- Sri Lanka's tea industry had been hit hard in recent times from several quarters.The drought brought trouble for tea, and even more trouble for the paddy farmer. SLMC has hitherto been acknowledged as the undisputed representative of eastern Muslims.Therefore we do not moderate every comment posted on this web site.Once filtered through the initial registration process, any subsequent comments can be posted directly on the website to make it truly interactive.

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  1. During their first encounter by the Opera House in May 2015, she said he had been quick to notice the Victoria Cross she wore.'He got close to me and he said, 'I know what that is,' she said at the time.

  2. Meeting rooms and lobbies are still adorned with Oriental rugs and chandeliers, high tea is served daily in the Palm Court and lavish weddings for the rich and famous are held in stadium-sized banquet rooms.