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I’m just going to assume that you weren’t “planning” on your vid going viral, so why did you make it in the first place?No, I had no intentions of the video going viral, or really anyone to see it other than my family and friends.You recently starred in a Volkswagen commercial as “yourself”, the “cat lady” that aired during the Super Bowl, how was the experience of actually getting to be in a full-on production opposed to shooing with a webcam at home? I had no idea that it was for a national television spot, let alone a Super Bowl commercial.

When it was going viral I did and it was the best entertainment.

It’s only a split second of the show, but when you shoot it 50 times and get yelled at 50 times, it really started to feel like the real thing! A., what are you doing out there besides saving cats?

Besides saving cats and being REALLY famous, I’m taking a lot of acting classes and going on auditions.

In fact, we thought we’d help Debbie find her soul mate.

e Harmony doesn’t have video profiles, but this woman is GOOD, and we love it.

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I put it on Youtube and the rest is internet history!

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