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Problems are growing and the local government does not know how to deal with them.

Lately, Portland is starting to disappear from the “best cities” list.

Even our governor was ‘stunned’ by the number of campers in Portland when she came to town.

Oregon’s homeless population rose by nearly nine percent last year.

There are camps on the sidewalks, under the bridges, bicycle corridor, next to the freeway entry ramps, and basically any flat space with some overhead shelter.

We lived downtown for years and the homeless problem has never been more visible.

We don’t want to move while RB40Jr is in school so we will be here for many years.

My theory is life always seems better in your 20’s because you were young, idealistic, and healthy.

Crime has actually declined considerably over the past 20 years according to statistics.

Perhaps the cops have started making people pack up in anticipation of summer. The panhandlers are very good at picking out local residents.

The nicer weather usually means an explosion of homeless “travelers” that comes to Portland to take advantage of the social services. They rarely bother the locals because we rarely give cash.

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